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SimpleSolve Inc. is a privately held organization located in Princeton, NJ. The company incorporated in January 2000 and recently opened the SimpleSolve development center in Chennai, India. Until now, SimpleSolve has relied on the partnerships with development organizations to carry out modifications and enhancements to SimpleInsure. As part of the growth model of the future, the development team was acquired under the SimpleSolve Chennai branch in order to better service our clients and control quality of the software application.

The SimpleSolve team consists of insurance professionals with technology experience. Our team members know insurance simply because we have worked with insurance companies for many years. From policy administration to accounting, we have worked in this industry and have learned the ins-and-outs of what insurance companies face on a daily basis. The SimpleSolve team now consists solely of direct employees both residing in our USA and in Chennai, India locations who work together to develop, deploy and support SimpleInsure clients.

A few of the key members clients work with on a daily basis are:
Antony Xavier

With over 32 years of Information Technology experience Mr. Xavier leads the SimpleSolve team. With fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience establishing and managing companies that provide technology services and software products he continues to be the visionary behind the product solutions and services of SimpleSolve.

He has hands-on experience in both managing an enterprise and managing product development including methodologies, standards, tools and techniques. Prior to the creation of SimpleSolve and the SimpleInsure product line, he specialized in the areas of finance and insurance spearheading the development of several software products. Very conversant with the current trends in insurance and technology, Mr. Xavier will continue to create best of the breed solutions for the insurance industry through SimpleSolve.

Sam Serrapede
Vice President

Mr. Serrapede has a wealth of insurance knowledge obtained from the thirty-five years he has spent working in the insurance industry. His insurance expertise is the backbone of SimpleInsure making it the complete product it is today. Throughout his career, he has been a key member of design and development teams that have implemented software solutions for Healthcare, Property $amp; Casualty and Professional Liability insurance.

He is a vital member of the SimpleSolve team performing business analysis, gathering business requirements and creating functional design documents based on in-depth analysis of daily workflows within insurance organizations. His managerial experience of the daily operations of an insurance company's customer service and data capture department have afforded him the insight to the challenges and opportunities within the insurance carrier business units and a drive to make solving these challenges simplified.

J. Bhat
System Architect

JB brings rich and diverse IT industry experience with over eleven years of project management, design, architecture, development, testing and implementation of business applications.

His knowledge of existing and new technologies such as Visual Basic, SP.NET, VB.NET, C# .NET, .NET Framework, along with databases including SQL Server and Oracle have made him a key player of the SimpleSolve team. With critical problem solving abilities, experience in converting user requirements to technical design specifications and several successfully executed projects under his belt, he now leads the development and support teams at SimpleSolve.

Joy Nastasi
Business Analyst

The latest insurance professional to join the SimpleSolve team comes directly from the operational side of the insurance carrier. As a policy account manager for the past five years, Ms. Nastasi has been overseeing all aspects of policy accounting and billing as well as addressing customer service issues.

Being an everyday user of SimpleInsure during that time period she is now the "voice of the user" and resident expert on the SimpleSolve team. She has served as an Underwriting Supervisor for a commercial auto liability MGA and brings practical insight of the daily operations from underwriting workflows, handling FNOL to SIU investigations.

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